30 Year Reunion



Venue: The Elks Tower Underground Lounge

Date: August 22, 2015

Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Don’t miss out – Tickets available at the door!



We are happy to announce the details for our 30 Year Reunion!

We had a lot of options, a lot of ideas, and we finally narrowed it down to a really fun, and unique setting: The Underground Lounge at the Elks Tower!

Don’t hesitate to buy your tickets! Pricing was a big discussion in the committee, and we tried to keep it to a fairly friendly cost per person. We are getting a great place with fantastic food for a good price and we hope you agree!

We’re trying to generate early sales for the deposit as well as keep us from worrying that we won’t have enough people, so please take advantage of the Early Bird pricing! And spread the word!

For all the information, go to our Reunion Info Page HERE

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Eventbrite - The Encina High School Class of 1985's Thirty Year Class Reunion!

Hello, Class of 1985!



Welcome to our NEW Class of 1985 website! This website has been launched in an attempt to get everyone excited for our upcoming 30 year reunion. The reunion committee is starting the planning process and we will be posting their plans sooooooon.

SAVE THE DATE: Try and keep your weekends open in August 2015 until we announce the specific date, and stay tuned for more information.

In the mean time, please make sure to spread the word: Share this website, share the Facebook Page, email, ask, reach out.
We want to find and invite EVERYONE!





Even if you think we already have your contact information, please add yourself to our email and mailing list. Our reunion just won’t be the same without YOU.

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We’ll be sending out announcements, requests, news, etc once a month until August, 2015.